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Inbound Electronic Invoice

Electronic invoices reception, validation and integration into SAP ECC

We can integrate according the next Phases:

Web portal with the functionality that is described in Annex 1 of this contribution for the validation of CFDI according to the following considerations

First Phase  Reception and Validation
  • CFDI reception and Validation
  • Invoices
  • Credit and Debit notes
  • Receipt of Fees
  • Lease Receipt
  • Accommodation bill
  • Reception by:
    • Portal
    • E-mail
  • Validation of:
    • Annex 20.
    • Addenda.
  • Addenda completion and submit online by Portal.
  • Valid XML storage in data base (sql-server)*, SAP ECC, Document Access 
  • Development of one smart form, to display the XML (CFDI)
  • Web Portal Standard. 

Second Phase Electronic Invoice Integration with SAP using MM & FI transactions:
Integration en SAP ECC MM
  • MIRO
  • MIR7
Integration en SAP ECC FI
  • F-41, 43, 47, 48, 28, 02, FB60.
Business Rules
  • Workflow 
  • Non-PO Invoice document types
  • PO Invoice document types
  • PO related Invoice Verification
  • Price Discrepancy
  • Quantity Discrepancy
  • Currency Mismatch
  • Others
Optional Opentext
  • Integration with VIM Vendor Invoice Management
  • Open Text Capture Center
  • Document Access (Storage)
Compliance with others Countries: Chile, Guatemala, Perú, Ecuador, Argentina, España, Brasil, Costa Rica,  

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