jueves, agosto 27, 2015

Electronic Invoice in SAP ECC Outbound

Integrate the new CFDI form, required by the Mexican government (SAT) as well as the electronic invoice receipt and validation from their suppliers.

The project “Emisión de Comprobantes Fiscales Digitales por Internet (CFDI)” - Internet digital invoices emission - to be integrated in SAP, according to the Mexican law R.M.F. ( Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal), Annex 20, Section II, Subsection “A”, issue on December 28, 2013

CFDI Implementation in SAP ECC considers the following scope:

Electronic invoices emission (CFDI) in SAP ECC:
  • Emission from SD and FI modules.
  • Integrating the following processes:
    • Invoice
    • Credit and Debit
    • Invoice Cancellation 
  • Considering ANY Companies
  • Invoice Printing from SAP ECC.
  • Connection configuration with one or more PAC´s;
  • Individual and massive Billing
  • Sending by e-mail. (Pioneer e-mail service SAP must be active) 
  • XML Storage in SAP ECC (File System)**
  • Smart Forms: 
    • Invoice, Credit and Debit *** 
  • CFDI Control monitor. 
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